The Custom of the City: Shoe Boutiques You Need to Know Now

“Are you addicted to shoes or simply a shoe lover?”

by Barbara Hodes for New York Social Diary (June 6, 2019)

A selection of shoes hanging out in the winter garden.

Vanessa Noel has a shop on the ground floor of a townhouse in the East 60s. It carries shoes, bags and a selection of home goods that are kept in stock. The boutique flows through a series of rooms and ends in a winter garden. Many different styles of shoes, sandals, boots, sable throws and cashmere, bags and luggage are on view. Most of what you see in the boutique can be purchased and taken away on the spot…

 …Vanessa is working on opening the Noel Shoe Museum, showcasing the shoes that she has collected over the years. The mission of the space will be to show the history and manufacturing of shoes, the creativity involved, and how shoes and fashion go hand in hand. Visiting this boutique is always a cool mission of discovery. The shoes are fantastic, but when you add the sense of discovery and the depth of care and knowledge, it is a real shoe experience.

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