Oprah: Where Are They Now – Vanessa Noel

How This Woman Turned a Passion for Shoes Into Profit (published 07/14/2016)


Wouldn’t you love to profit off of your greatest passion? Vanessa Noel took her interest in footwear and began designing gorgeous shoes that flew off the shelves. In 1999, Oprah shared Vanessa’s remarkable success story with the world. Today, we caught up with Vanessa to see how her business is faring today.

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“…When I sat down to focus on everything, I decided that my true love is really still shoes. And if I have to distress, I’m going to distress everything else, bring it all back to only the shoes, and I’m currently working on opening the first shoe museum in New York City. I want shoes on exhibit constantly, and it would be such a great education for people. It would be incredible for some city planning – what happens to the neighborhood, how that rises and changes with an incredible museum there. So it’s an interesting project to work on, and it feels good. And that’s the most important, what do I do from now I’m has to feel good.”

Vanessa Noel discussing the Noel Shoe Museum on “Oprah: Where are they now”

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